Look good, feel good and gain confidence with personal training sessions in CORK

Private one on one coaching is very individually based. It’s about knowing what our clients need at any given time to make sure they are training in the most efficient way. We cater training sessions towards their health and fitness goals. This helps keep clients on track, motivated, and accountable. No matter how big or small your goal may be, here at BASE we can help you every step of the way.

Our gym allows for a greater level of feedback and communication between clients and the coach, this is a great environment to start your fitness journey and achieve your goals. While our personal training sessions are highly structured and based on evidence-based practices, personal training makes it much easier remain flexible when life gets in the way. All of our sessions are suitable to all fitness levels. Our online booking system allows clients to book times that suit their schedule and our qualified, experienced coaches will help you every step of the way.

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We provide a consultation in person or over the phone to better understand your goals.


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Nicole helping a client do a Pull Up


45 minute 1 on 1 Coaching Session online or in person

Open gym access with all personal training memberships

Fully personalised nutrition and training program to suit your age, fitness level and goals

Access to our coaching app, which will be your personalised training diary, progress tracker, nutrition guide, provide video explanation and more

Weekly check ins with your coach to monitor progress and troubleshoot any questions or issues you may have

Ongoing support with instant messenger helping clients achieve their goals

Strength Training

Strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness.

Developing strength is extremely important in our day to day lives. It can help balance and coordination, which means you're less likely to fall and hurt yourself. More muscle also means you burn more calories when you're doing nothing at all, which can help keep off extra pounds and can improve your athletic performance. You will appreciate these benefits as you get older and start to lose muscle mass.

Whether your goal is to improve on a pitch to being able to walk up the stairs with ease, strength training is a key factor to build a stable foundation for a lifetime of movement.

Unfortunately, Strength training is overlooked by many, for several different reasons. Women may think they'll bulk up and look manly, the elderly might worry about it being too strenuous or dangerous, and parents might think weight training is too risky for their children for these same reasons.The truth is, nearly everyone, regardless of age or gender, will benefit from strength training.

Working your muscles will help you shed excess fat, maintain healthy bone mass and prevent age-related muscle loss.

Here at BASE, we custom make a strength training program for you. You will be taught the correct techniques of exercises and you will do a progressive program that will strengthen your body & mind.

Nicole helping client with her form, doing a Romanian deadlift
"I began training with Nicole in June 2021 and from the off I have found her to be such a positive person. I find her method in training excellent, she teaches you to get your technique right and build from there. I started running in January 2021 and when I came to Nicole my original goal was to get stronger for running and run 10 miles, since then I have completed 2 half marathons! I now have a quest adventure race to look forward to, all down to her encouragement and coaching. I really enjoy my sessions and look forward to future challenges. I would highly recommend Nicole and Aidean"

Maura O Connell

Nicole showing a client the correct form for a strength movement

Weight loss COACh Cork

When our clients come to us with a goal to lose weight - we design a program to fit your daily schedule. It can be hard to keep up with your family responsibilities, juggling work and attempting to to have a decent social life. It is easy to feel stuck and end up carrying unwanted body fat and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

Here at BASE we believe in sustainable weight loss. We will teach you how to improve your nutritional habits, exercise routine, sleeping patterns and manage your stressors.

Weight loss needs, long term determination, consistency, support and encouragement. If you have reached the realisation that you need to make significant, long lasting changes than you are in the right place. BASE coaches are here to help you every step of the way and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

We can help clients improve their food choices, develop a personalised weight loss program to suit their lifestyle and body, help with emotional and binge eating. We set weight loss goals so help you with your weight loss journey.

‘’I cannot begin to describe how brilliant Base Fitness is. The girls are so motivating and make you feel like you can and will achieve anything. They put the personal into personal training and make sure that each session you do is always at the best pace possible.  They both work with such an air of can do, positivity, perfectionism , kindness and professionalism while also being great fun and making you smile :)

I originally started with Nicole in 2018 in a different gym at 27 stone and when I heard she had opened back up in Cork I literally ran to the door- Her kindness, empathy and understanding of a battle she has never faced is something I will always be grateful for. Her words never left me and in the rough times I always remember her telling me that I was well able to do this and I am so glad to still be working out and on the road to a happier life.Honestly, if you are scared, nervous and worried- this is normal and ok.

I would urge you to take the step and go into Nicole and Aidean- they will 100% help you and guide you into changing your life.I adore the place and it is not only a gym but it is like a therapy room- I always walk out stronger- physically & mentally. Thank you ladies! X”

Trisha Lewis

Nicole and Trisha Norton out for a cycle by the river lee

Sports Specific

With sports specific training you're going to be working out with a specific goal in mind. Whether you are running your first 5km, competing in a triathlon or playing a field sport. Sports specific training will help you feel strong, perform well and reduce your risk of injury.

We will first begin with a movement screening to establish your base strength, flexibility, mobility, fitness, balance, agility and muscular endurance. From there we will design a program accordingly.

BASE Coaches have experience in coaching Taekwon-do soccer, GAA, triathlon, powerlifting and adventure races. If you have a goal in mind - running your first 5km race, adventure race, perform better on a team or run up the stairs without getting caught for breath - this is type of training you should start doing.

Nicole with clients, friends and family after completing the womens mini marathon
Aidean overseeing a male customer while he completes a benchpress

Health and Wellbeing

It's all too easy to feel run down, stressed and let your wellbeing drop way down on your priority list. Our BASE Health & Wellbeing program is designed around your physical and  medical needs. Clients can be assured that their experience in BASE wont be judgmental, competitive or intimidating. Instead, you will find our private personal training studio to be friendly, encouraging, motivating and supportive. We will be by your side every step of the way, teaching you how to feel better in and outside of the gym. We help clients stay on track and develop a healthy lifestyle that has long term health benefits like lowered heart rate, blood pressure, stronger bones and being more mobile. We catered our programs in the gym and also our program are catered for home workouts.

Health & Wellbeing Testimonial
I have been working with Nicole, since April 2021. I cannot say this enough, it is the single best thing I think I have done for myself in the last 10 or so years. I have always been slim but I was struggling with the Menopause and the associated belly fat. I was under eating to try and combat this and I just felt awful.I have always admired people in the "fitness world" and their physiques but I never thought at 49 years old that I could be one of "those" people that looked good in whatever they wore. To be honest when I started with Nicole last year it was mainly to improve my physique and get rid of the belly fat, but it has been much more than that.I am 50 years old now and I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I have ever been. I have more muscle mass then I have ever had and I am happier with my physique than I have been in a long time and am eating a more healthy and varied diet then I have in the last number of years. I love my workouts, I love the flexibility of doing them online at home or going to a gym.Nicole has made a huge impact on my life and lifestyle, she started with a novice like me and with her tailor made programme we have worked together over the last year to build up, not only my body strength but my confidence and my mental resilience. Nicole takes a wholistic approach to her clients and works with them, on not only their fitness but on their nutrition, sleep, life stressors, their confidence and builds their mental resilience and its all done with the most amazing smile.Thank you so much Nicole, lets keep this going and lets see where another year will take us!

Ruth Turnbull


With our fully equipped, private personal training studio in Cork, Frankfield, you will feel safe and comfortable as you exercise. Depending on your preference, you may train with a female or male personal trainer at your convenience. The coaching program we offer includes training sessions (choose between 1-4 sessions per week for your training sessions), nutrition coaching, guidance, support and encouragement during your journey toward achieving your goal. You have the option of training in small group personal training if you want to work out in an environment of like-minded people. A coach will help you establish and maintain healthy habits, improving your diet, and enhancing your health. Clients have the option of female only personal training sessions to make you feel more comfortable and confident in a gym.

Nicole with clients, friends and family after completing the womens mini marathon

Frequently Asked

Where are you based?

UnitUnit 4, Richfield Business Park, Ballycurreen, Cork, T12 R858

Can I do personal training sessions online or do they have to be in person?

We cater our personal training sessions tomorrow be either online or in person. This allows for more flexibility - we call you at your booked appointment time and we can coach you from anywhere in the world. We use google meet or facebook for video calls or consultations.

Do you have to stick to the same coach or can you change if times suit better?

You do not have to stick to the same coach. Often clients choose times that suit them and the coach may differ. Your program is customed made in your first assessment and we keep track of your progress in the TrueCoach App so the training intensity still remains high for each workout.

Will the training session be catered to my fitness ability?

On your first personal training session, we do a movement screening. In this session, we will assess your training ability and cater your program accordingly. This is based on your medical history, goals, strengths and weaknesses. To track progress we use an app called Truecoach, this app will help you stay accountable to your plan.

How often is a program changed for personal training?

We typically change each program after 4-6 weeks. This is all down to a client's progress and how they are feeling after every 4-week block of training.

Do you have a PAYG option for Personal Training?

Yes, PAYG is 55 euro per session. Each session is 45 minutes.

What booking system do you use?

We use Glofox to book training sessions. Glofox will allow you to purchase a personal training membership, fitness classes and small group personal training sessions. You can download Glofox app on your mobile phone.

How far in advance can I book?

The Glofox booking system allows you to book up to 14 days in advance for personal training sessions.

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