Join a fitness community that focuses on effective training, results, and enjoyment — With coach led Sessions personalised for all abilities and a flexible booking system that fits around your schedule

Small group personal training allows clients to gain the value of progressive fitness and strength training while in a close-knit group. There will be 4-6 people in a group allowing the coach to fine-tune technique, and progress exercises and this also adds the moral support aspect of being in a small group. If you want to workout alongside other people that encourage you every step of the way, small group personal training is the perfect solution. 

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We provide a consultation in person or over the phone to get a better understanding of your goals.


Once defined, purchase your membership through Glofox and book your SGPT Session.

Nicole & Aidean overseeing a small group PT class

What can you expect in SGPT?

Train with professional coaches in an inclusive and friendly environment

Learn how to perform exercises with perfect technique

Record and progress each training session with our bespoke training app keeping you accountable and progressive with your training sessions.


Clients sign up to small group personal training membership, Choose your time and days that fit your calendar. Once you receive the welcome email, we will set you up on our training app that helps you track your weight, progress and performance in the group coaching sessions.

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