November 29, 2022

Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon

Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon

Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon

Our experience running the Clonakility Waterfront Marathon

A bIg congratulations to all participates who completed the 10km and half marathon race in Clonakilty. The conditions were tough with the winds and rain but we made the most out of it and powered on to cross that finishing line. A lot of our clients achieved a personal best in this race and we had a few members completing their first ever running race - what an achievement and you should be very proud of yourself.

Training Tips for running in Winter

  1. Wear the right shoes, socks, rain jacket and hat
  2. Warm up inside before going out for a run.
  3. Pace yourself on the first few kms. Try not to go out too fast and spike your heart rate up, you will find it very hard to bring your heart rate zone
  4. Leave your ego behind you. If you have a zone 2 run planned, keep to that zone, go at your pace and adjust your speed accordingly.
  5. Get used to running in the rain and wind, especially in the Irish winters. On race day, the conditions could be like this so train and practise in the rain.

Here are some suggestions we have for running gear

  1. Wear a lightweight waterproof jacket
  2. Waterproof gloves
  3. Layer up. If you get too warm you can always take off a layer of clothing.
  4. Be seen - if possible where high-vis jacket or top
  5. Comfortable socks
  6. Running tights
  7. Hat or snood.

After a race or training sessions go for shower, get warm and refuel & hydrate your body.

Congratulations again to all participants.