November 16, 2022



Today I am going to share a story about confidence 💕

Both myself and Aidean studied Recreation and Leisure Management at Tramore Valley Campus. Although we started our courses a few years apart we kind of knew we were on the same path. We both worked in the fitness industry for years, working in commercial gyms & studios to get more experience and more qualifications under our belts.

A few years into my career a client asked me "Would you ever open your own studio?" My first response was "Oh no, I couldn't do that". When asked why I started to reflect and really think about it, my honest answer was that I lacked confidence. I was extremely confident in my coaching ability to help clients but I lacked confidence in my ability to run and operate a business. 

Being a personal trainer in a commercial gym is very rewarding. You gain so much confidence learning the skills it takes to be a successful coach. However, you don't realise the ins and outs of running a business and that is where I lacked confidence. 

When I moved abroad for the second time this is when I put on my business cap. I decided I needed to learn, research, study and be mentored into a position where someday I would open my own business. 

While living in Melbourne, Australia I was mentored by outstanding coaches and business owners at Snap fitness and Fitmiss Miss. This opportunity gave me the confidence to branch out on my own and open my own studio.

The point of the story is that confidence is gained through experience, asking questions and of course guidance from your peers.  

If you lack confidence in any particular area - personal or professional you should ask for help. No matter what your goal is in the gym, ask for support, guidance and encouragement. With the assistance of others, you will be surprised at how much you can learn and grow. Opening our own studio was a dream that came true. Why don't you put your dream into reality and start today?

Nicole & Aidean Clear Stream Wellness Day 2022