February 15, 2024

Teen Gym Fitness Classes Cork

Teen Gym Fitness Classes Cork

Teen Gym Fitness Classes in Cork City

At BASE Fitness Health gym, we understand the importance of promoting healthy habits from a young age. That's why we offer a specialised Teen Gym program designed to meet the unique fitness needs of teenagers. Our Teen Gym is a safe and supportive environment where adolescents can learn proper exercise techniques, develop strength, improve cardiovascular health, and enhance overall fitness levels under the guidance of our certified trainers.

Our Teen Gym program is tailored to the specific developmental stages and fitness goals of teenagers, focusing on age-appropriate exercises and workouts that promote physical health, mental wellbeing, and self-confidence. Whether they're looking to improve athletic performance, manage weight, or simply stay active, our dedicated trainers are committed to helping teenagers achieve their fitness goals in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

With a focus on education, motivation, and personalised support, our Teen Gym program at BASE Fitness Health gym empowers teenagers to build a strong foundation of health and fitness that will benefit them for years to come.

Teen gym will learn the basics of fitness and exercise in a safe and fun environment.

All under the supervision of our qualified trainers. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Teen ages: 12-17

Starting: Wednesday 21st 3.30pm - 4.30pm ⏰

Duration: 6 weeks

Investment: 60euro

Sign your teen up today by email or drop us a message.

Contact us on info@basefitnesshealth.com